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Unwanted Hair

Your hair reveals your personality and style – but when it grows in the wrong places, it gets in the way. Regular plucking, waxing, and shaving take time and money. Why not remove unwanted hair for the long term? At Routine by Anush Movsesian, we deliver custom laser hair removal to leave your face and body skin hair-free and smooth.

  • Lovely, hair-free skin – enjoy the freedom: Excess face and body hair demand constant attention. Waxing removes it for a few weeks, but soon enough, it returns. At Routine by Anush Movsesian, we offer advanced laser hair removal to allow you to enjoy life without worrying about unwanted facial or body hair from top to toe. 

  • Custom laser hair removal treatments: Laser hair removal involves attacking the hair-producing follicles with laser light energy. The light is attracted to the darker pigment in the follicle, damaging it so it can no longer produce hair. Hair growth goes through several phases, and for optimal results, a series of treatments will be required, typically six to eight, spaced every four to six weeks so that resting follicles enter the growth phase, ready to be attacked with gentle light energy. These treatments can remove unwanted hair on the face, back, underarms, legs, or other areas.

  • Clear & Brilliant: Laser hair removal at its best: The beauty of the Clear & Brilliant laser system includes a unique skin-cooling feature that makes the experience far more comfortable than older, more aggressive lasers – so comfortable that no numbing cream is needed. It also addresses unwanted hair in larger areas faster, requiring just minutes rather than hours, with fewer side effects. Any redness typically disappears within hours, not days. 

  • The Routine by Anush Movsesian difference: Your vision of beauty is yours alone. We respect our clients and establish a relationship built on trust. Anush is widely recognized as a leader in aesthetics and trusted by many high-profile clients in the Los Angeles area for her precision treatments, honesty, and exceptional results in skin renewal, artistic facial sculpting, and other custom treatments. To remove unwanted hair long-term, Anush takes on the task with precision and ultimate care. 

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