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Skinvive™ by Juvéderm

Skinvive takes hyaluronic acid injections to a new level. This advanced injectable is the first and only FDA-approved microdroplet injectable from Allergan Aesthetics. It was developed to improve facial skin quality, enhancing smoothness for a refreshed, smooth, hydrated look. If you feel your skin looks tired,Skinvive injections can work wonders.

What is Skinvive?

Skinvive is not a filler but a skin booster. The injections are performed to deliver a fresh, natural glow, not add volume. Skinvive has been available in Europe for some time and has finally reached the U.S., and it is available at Routine by Anush Movsesian.

Who is a candidate for Skinvive?

Skinvive microdroplet injections can achieve beautiful changes in skin quality without adding volume. This product, when injected by Anush, may be the ideal choice for the following facial problems:

  • Dull facial skin

  • Rough cheek texture

  • A tired, older appearance

  • Dehydrated facial skin

  • Thinning facial skin

How long will the Skinvive injections last?

Skinvive injections can improve skin quality and glow for about six months.

What is the treatment experience?

This advanced skin rejuvenation treatment involves an ultra-fine needle, with tiny droplets of HA injected into the dermis – the connective tissue layer of the skin beneath the epidermis (top layer). The droplets of hyaluronic acid work to help your skin attract and retain moisture for a beautiful, soft, healthy look. Your skin can be numbed before treatment if you are sensitive.

Skinvive at Routine by Anush Movsesian

Routine by Anush Movsesian in Los Angeles now offers Skinvive injections, a cutting-edge skin rejuvenation treatment. Skinvive creates visible improvements in skin health and glow. Anush's medical background ensures safe and tailored treatments and Skinvive microdroplet injections can create a fresh, healthy glow.

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