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At Routine by Anush Movsesian, Radiesse injections are performed with refined injection techniques. This filler is unique, as the formula was developed to trigger natural collagen and elastin production, nature’s skin-smoothing proteins. Rather than a hyaluronic-based filler, Radiesse has calcium-based microspheres that stimulate collagen and elastin regeneration in the skin structure to regenerate aging skin

Restylane and You

The microspheres and gel formula mimic the makeup of the body’s natural connective tissue. When injected, the filler has an immediate smoothing effect, with long-term results developing over time as the collagen and elastin fibers are created by the body. Your treatment will be customized to achieve the most appealing, natural result, and Radiesse could be selected to enhance the jawline and cheeks, as the gel is thicker, more closely matching the firmness of tissue and bone. 

Smoothing lip lines with “hyper-diluted” Radiesse can smooth away the visible signs of age without creating a puffy or overdone look. The neck and decolletage areas can develop a loose, crepey appearance that can be significantly tightened with hyper-diluted Radiesse as new collagen and elastin regenerate.

The Beauty of Natural Collagen and Elastin

Youthful skin has a fresh, bouncy quality, a sign of youth and beauty. If your skin is losing volume, sagging, developing wrinkles, or less firm, you may be an ideal candidate for a custom Radiesse treatment, performed with precision, skill, and refined techniques for a look you love.

Classic, Timeless Beauty at Routine by Anush Movsesian

At Routine by Anush Movsesian, your Radiesse treatment will result in a look that is timeless, elegant, and classic. We believe every client is inherently beautiful. Our custom injection treatments restore the resilient quality of aging or damaged skin. Every treatment is performed with precision, delicacy, and refined techniques to achieve visible, natural-looking skin rejuvenation.

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