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Microneedling with PRP and Exosomes

Microneedling, or “collagen induction therapy,” has long been known to be among the most effective skin-renewing treatments. The tiny injuries created by the needling send a message to the skin to heal and regenerate, smoothing wrinkles and lines and creating more supple, resilient skin. When combined with PRP or exosomes, the result is above and beyond what can be achieved with microneedling alone.

Microneedling with PRP

PRP, or “platelet rich plasma,” has been used for wound healing in the medical community for decades. The growth factors in this natural serum stimulate faster healing and cell regeneration. When combined with microneedling, PRP can significantly enhance skin quality. Whether you are concerned about dull, lifeless skin, trouble areas, wrinkles, lines, or the first signs of aging skin, this approach can bring you smoother, healthier, glowing skin – and a massive increase in confidence.

The procedure is easy to experience, involving a blood draw, with the extracted blood processed to concentrate the healing factors, and applied to the skin after microneedling. The skin-renewing growth factors in PRP flow into the deeper skin layers for a significant improvement in skin quality.

Microneedling with Exosomes 

Exosomes are 100 times more potent than PRP. Exosomes occur naturally, tiny particles containing vital skin-renewing elements, including lipids, proteins, amino acids, peptides, and growth factors, all stimulating natural healing and regeneration. Exosomes do not require a blood draw like PRP and contain more than 300 growth factors – PRP has about 12. The results are more dramatic, faster, and require fewer treatments to produce remarkable improvements in skin quality. 

Routine by Anush Movsesian for Healthy, Beautiful Skin

At Routine by Anush Movsesian, a leading skincare specialist in Los Angeles will perform your skin rejuvenation treatment. With over a decade in practice, and a long list of high-profile clients, Anush has established a reputation as being among the most talented skin rejuvenation experts in the Los Angeles area and beyond. As a certified Cosmetic Nurse, she merges science and aesthetics, achieving extraordinary results, authentic, balanced, and natural.

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