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Juvéderm… we love these fillers. With Juvéderm, we can smooth away wrinkles and lines or add subtle volume for the ideal facial balance. These fillers are available in several formulas. Each formula was developed to treat specific facial areas. 

Which Juvéderm product is right for me?

You have a personal aesthetic vision. You may have dreamed of fuller lips, a more youthful look, or you are tired of seeing dark circles under your eyes or wish your jawline or chin were just a little more prominent. Whatever your concern, a Juvéderm filler may be the perfect choice. All of the collection of fillers are hyaluronic acid-based, with the benefit of attracting and holding moisture in the skin while adding delicate volume where you need it most.

Customized facial enhancements

We deliver custom facial enhancements with the Juvéderm collection, including Volux for jawline enhancement, Voluma for cheeks and chin, and Volbella to plump hollow areas beneath the eyes and to softly enhance lips and smooth away lipstick lines. At Routine by Anush Movsesian, every injection treatment is performed with the most refined techniques to create stunning results. 

Can Juvéderm injections look natural?

We live in Los Angeles, and it is guaranteed that you have seen someone who has obviously had filler injections. At Routine by Anush Movsesian, we want our clients to look refreshed, healthy, and beautiful – with any changes appearing entirely natural, not overdone. Achieving the most attractive outcome requires refined injection techniques performed with meticulous precision.

Microdroplet Injections

When a Juvéderm filler is injected with tiny droplets across a single skin layer, the outcome is more flexible, resilient, and natural. Our founder, Anush Movsesian, is known for being among the most talented injection specialists in Los Angeles. She has a long list of high-profile clients who trust her to keep them looking fresh and youthful in the most subtle way.

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