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Reveal Beautiful, Glowing Skin with CO2 

If your skin has lost its glow and has wrinkles, lines, age spots, sun spots, or scars, CO2 laser treatments may be the ideal approach. The treatment delivers skin rejuvenation you will see and feel. For a dramatic transformation of skin quality, smoothness, tone, and texture, the CO2 laser works magic. When your skin is fresh and glowing, every day is just that much better. Nothing is better for your overall well-being than knowing your skin is beautiful!

What Can the CO2 Laser Do for My Skin?

A CO2 laser treatment will dramatically improve the look of aging, sun-damaged, or scarred skin. It restores a fresh, firm quality to aging skin, causing the skin to regenerate from within – and a result that looks completely natural. At Routine by Anush Movsesian, every CO2 laser treatment is performed with precision, skill, and vast experience – essential when working with light energy. This approach allows Anush to address troubled areas for the ultimate skin-renewing outcome precisely. 

Classic, Ageless Beauty CO2 Laser Treatment

If you are living with the signs of aging skin, you probably don’t love seeing wrinkles, lines, age spots, or sagging skin. Even if you have cared for your skin, time takes a toll. Your skin loses the ability to produce fresh collagen and elastin, becoming thinner and less resilient. CO2 laser skin resurfacing will dramatically improve skin quality, triggering natural skin regeneration, and smoothing away the years, leaving you looking years younger, and we will never tell!

Aftercare – What to Expect

Every person heals at a slightly different rate, but the recovery time generally lasts from one to two weeks. During the healing and regeneration phase, you will receive aftercare instructions to gain the most from your treatment. It is normal to have minor swelling and itching as the skin heals. 

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