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Clear & Brilliant for a Fresh, Natural Glow

Enter the serene office of Routine by Anush Movsesian to begin a journey to youthful, glowing skin. Clear & Brilliant is a groundbreaking laser device that triggers natural skin regeneration. Whether you want to maintain the look of firm, supple skin or treat sun damage, aging, or dull, unevenly toned skin, Clear & Brilliant stimulates a healing response and the growth of healthy new skin cells, collagen, and elastin. 

Beautiful Skin with Clear & Brilliant at Routine by Anush Movsesian

Clear & Brilliant treatments can keep your skin looking younger, fresh, and firm. The advanced skin rejuvenation device creates thousands of microscopic treatment zones in the upper layers, sending a message to the skin to heal and restore. Clear & Brilliant may be the ideal approach for the early signs of aging or to maintain soft, supple, resilient skin. 

What is the Treatment Like to Experience?

First, your skin will be numbed with a cream to make the experience easy to experience. After the numbing effect has set in, Anush will pass the hand-held device over each facial area. The sensation feels warm and tingly. Once complete, a calming serum-infused mask is applied, soothing the skin. The entire treatment takes about one hour. 

How Many Clear & Brilliant Treatments Will I Need?

Every individual has unique skin concerns. Some may achieve the best results with four to six treatments at one-month intervals. For the ultimate smoothing of visible lines and wrinkles, and dark spots, several treatments will produce the best results. Before every treatment, avoid sun exposure for at least two weeks, and stop using any products containing retinol or AHA or BHA acids for about a week before each treatment. If you have taken Accutane, you need to wait six months before undergoing a Clear & Brilliant treatment.

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