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When done right, BOTOX can create a refreshed, healthy, youthful look. At Routine by Anush Movsesian, BOTOX injections are in the hands of one of the most talented aesthetic professionals in Los Angeles, Anush Movsesian. Anush is honored to be trusted by a long list of loyal clients, including high-profile celebrities. Her work is a combination of medical science coupled with a deep passion for the art of aesthetics. A board-certified cosmetic nurse practitioner, she is now one of the most sought-after injectors and skin consultants in Los Angeles. 

BOTOX and You

Even the best beauty regimen can’t stop time. As the years pass, delicate facial skin loses its soft, resilient quality, and wrinkles and lines appear. BOTOX injections prevent the motion of overactive muscles that contract when you squint, concentrate, or frown, creasing your skin. A subtle, natural effect requires a blend of medical science, artistry, and experience. Anush uses a groundbreaking injection technique, sprinkling in BOTOX with ultra-tiny injections. Her meticulous process erases the lines of time to reveal your inner beauty – and restore the glow of confidence. When you know you look amazing, it shows.

What can BOTOX treat?

  • Forehead creases

  • Between the brows (11’s)

  • Around the eyes (crow’s feet)

  • Bunny lines (on the upper nose bridge)

  • Lip flip (enhance the Cupid’s bow and upper lip show)

  • Chin dimples

  • Lift mouth corners 

  • Jawline slimming (masseter muscles)

  • Reduce TMJ pain

  • Treatment for migraines

  • Vertical neck bands

  • Botox “Lip Flip”

  • Excessive sweating 

When treated at Routine by Anush Movsesian, BOTOX injections can treat:

The Ultimate Experience

The journey to facial rejuvenation is a rare pleasure at Routine. Few aesthetic professionals have the skills and innovative injection techniques you will enjoy at Routine by Anush Movsesian. 

In the words of our beautiful clients…

Nothing means more to Anush than a client who is absolutely thrilled – and voluntarily posts a review. Thank you! Read a few comments posted by our beautiful clients:

“Her precision in every injection is amazing.”

“After my BOTOX appointment with Anush, I was amazed! Her precision in every injection is amazing.”

“Go to Anush, go to Anush!”

“Everyone was telling me to ‘go to Anush, go to Anush! Now I understand why, thank you so much Anush!”

“Beyond incredible magical touch.”

“I wanted to recognize Anush for her beyond incredible magical touch she always has on me every time I visit her! She’s the first person to do BOTOX on my face, and I always end up looking so much younger and fresher without having that frozen, weird look on my face! Anush is always so welcoming and always has confidence in her profession that allows me to sit back and let her do her work without me feeling worried about the outcome. Most importantly, she’s the only influencer in this profession that I know who actually responds back to her followers and her clients. I am so grateful for her communication skills and for, most importantly, always doing everything to keep her customers satisfied to the highest standards. She is such a beautiful inside and out person!!”

--- Meri

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